3 Simple & Easy Modern House Design

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If you are looking for simple modern house design, then we have some tips and tricks that will not burn a hole in your pocket. We will look into three main aspects of a simple modern house design.

simple modern house design
Simple modern house design

Simple Modern House Design

Restoration or Renovation

If you are already living in a small house and want to give it a makeover, then you need to restore a few segments to easily get a modern house design. There might be certain segments or areas in the house that need a complete restoration because of being worn out. For those areas, you will have to call a professional to restore. To add a lovely new touch to old walls and center tables, here are few tips.

  • If the wallpaper is tearing at places or has faded, you will need to remove it and put a new wallpaper. If you love the vintage look of your old wallpaper, you can get customized wallpapers in similar patterns too.
  • If you have a lot of side tables and furniture items in the house, you can make them look appealing by placing interesting vases or artifacts on those.
  • Put a lot of planters and indoor plants wherever possible to bring in some greenery.
  • Change the bedsheets with new and contemporary ones.
  • Change the drapes and the curtains.
  • Put new cushions with contemporary prints and interesting carpets to revamp the surfaces.
  • If your sofa upholstery is faded and old, you can get it changed in new styles.

All these changes depend upon your budget and preferences. You need to go room by room to see which areas need restoration or just a slight makeover.

contemporary house design
Contemporary house design

Interiors in a New House

If your house is ready and you are looking for house designing tips, then here is a list of what modern interior designers prefer.

  • Do not clutter too much in any of the rooms. Modern houses are minimalistic with minimal décor. Just keep a few standalone or statement pieces and artifacts.
  • Choose your sofas and carpets tastefully. These often are the central attraction in your home. You need to choose them wisely according to children or pets in your home. Use light colors and choose fabrics that are easy to clean. If you go in for fabric sofa sets, stains are bound to form. Also, pick sofa sets that are very comfortable to lie down upon too.
  • Remember to keep your TV not too close to the sofa sets as this may damage your eyes. You should check for the proper distance between sitting and television.
  • Modern house décor calls for lots of indoor plants as these not only bring health and happiness but also a refreshing twist to your home décor. You should go for indoor plants that survive easily without much sunlight or water.
  • A living room that is properly ventilated gives a lot of happiness and calm vibes on the person residing. While designing the raw structure of your living room, get ample windows, and decorate them with curtains for good ventilation and looks.
  • good lighting is a must for modern house décor. Put statement light fixtures on the ceiling from where you get the maximum illumination into your rooms.

Designing a Modern House from Scratch

If you are designing a modern house right from scratch, then you need to check your architect properly. Check their reviews online, see their past work to get an idea and also plan and discuss your budget to avoid issues later on.

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