Bathroom Remodel Under $500 -

Bathroom Remodel Under $500

Bathroom Remodel Under $500

Perhaps your bathroom is not up to the mark, and it needs a makeover. But you do not have a high budget. What will you do in such a scenario? First, stop worrying as a bathroom remodel doesn’t need a fortune.

Most of the remodeling costs around 500$. So, spend 500$ and your bathroom of 1980 will become upcycled to match the trend of 2019. 

Bathroom Remodel Under $500
Bathroom Remodel Under $500

Bathroom Remodel Needs A Vanity Base

Vanities are quite costly. So, you can paint the old one. But if it is too old, then get rid of it and opt for used vanity in good condition. Its size depends on the size of your bathroom. If your washroom is small, then a tiny vanity will do and vice versa. If you are opting for painting your old one, always choose a darker shade. It will hide any old mark or patch. You need to spend about 30$ to 100$ depending on what you decide to do.

New Glossy Hardware For Bathroom Remodel

Is the hardware too old or coated with paints? Then opting for new ones to match towel bars is wise. Each of this new hardware will cost you around 2-3$. If these are making you go over budget, then clean the old ones thoroughly for reusing.

Shiny Countertop

A new countertop is a must to give the bathroom a completely new look. You can get it for a minimum of 20$ at any home enhancement store. Granite, as well as stone pieces, are quite costly, so no need to buy them if your budget is low.

Bathroom Remodel Needs Modern Sink And Faucets

Changing the old sink and the faucets make a big difference in the appearance of the bathroom. Before going to buy the new one, measure the size and shape of the sink. Even if you do not change the sink, replacing the faucets will give it a unique look. The new sink along with faucets will cost around 30$-75$.

New Toilets Under 100$

Is the toilet older than ten years? Then it is wise to replace it. The modern toilets are eco-friendly and have an excellent design. They make any bathroom look incredibly stylish.

Bathroom Remodel Under $500
Bathroom Remodel Under $500

New Paint On The Walls

Do not forget to apply fresh paint on the wall of the bathroom. It will make you spend around 30-50$. If you have applied dark tint to the vanity, then the wall should have a lighter shade. It will make the bathroom look attractive.

Modern Lights For Bathroom Remodel

You should not forget to change the old lights. Opt for the lights that will go well with the wall paint and other fixtures of the bathroom. The modern lights will cost around 50-90$. You can opt for buying the used lights too to cut the cost.

Updating The Floor

By updating the floor of the bathroom, you can modify it. Does it already have tiles? Then you only need to polish the tiles, unless they are broken or have some horrible design or color. But if your bathroom has cracked tiles, then instead of spending money on repairing them, opt for laminate wood flooring. It is water-resistant and lasts longer.

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