Bedroom Design Ideas – How to Use a Limited Bedroom Space to Feel Bigger

bedroom design ideas

When it comes to bedroom design ideas, your choices are virtually limitless. Which direction you decide to go in is entirely up to you. But when it comes down to it, there are some basic factors that should always be taken into consideration. When nailing down your bedroom design ideas, it’s always helpful to begin by tackling the most permanent items, such as furniture.

When it comes to bedroom design ideas, a bedroom is best served with a master bedroom and a guest bedroom. If you have the luxury of both master and guest bedrooms, then decorating the two bedrooms together is always a good idea. It s especially beneficial when both master and guest bedrooms are on the same floor. Mirrors and artwork that put you in comfort are always a good addition (though some recommend not having family pictures around because they can interfere with that feminine, dreamy bedroom vibe), and an intricately designed bedspread or comforter can make your bedroom really stand out.

Bedroom Design Ideas

A bedroom with a bed in a room

Bedroom designs are also influenced by color. The color of your walls can be determined by the colors of the curtains, and the colors of your furnishings, beds, and lighting fixtures can be determined by the color scheme of your bathroom. If you’re not sure about a particular color, then consider using image credit that gives you color examples. The colors of your room are usually based on personal taste. However, there are some colors that complement each other so well that they are commonly referred to as ‘colors of love.’

Image credit for headboards can be found online easily. Simply search for images that you like, and look at them closely. You will have to choose between a few different colors, and you want to choose the one that blends in with the rest of your bedroom – it doesn’t have to be the same color as the headboard. Image credit for headboards can even be found in magazines, catalogs, and books. Once you find an image credit for headboards that you like, you will need to look at the measurements, and the material of the headboard.

Some bedroom designers don’t like to use image credit because they feel that it is too much of a hassle to match colors up to a particular color in a small space. If you are looking to make a bedroom look bigger, or add dimension to a small space, then you might want to use texture instead. You can find textures that match any color and even some fabrics and other items. For instance, if you want a silk throw on your bed, and you live in a small space, choose a throw over the top of a plain satin dresser or a sofa without pattern or embroidery.

A Much Ado 

A bedroom with a large bed in a room

If you want to add some dimension to your bedroom layout, you will want to add some extra space between your sitting room table and your bed. You can usually change the position of the table quite easily, and you can make it smaller, or larger, without altering the style of the bed. You can also add a storage bench at the end of the bed for extra storage space. This type of bedroom design idea is perfect if you have limited floor space, and/or you are working in a small apartment. In this case, adding more storage to your bedroom layout is one of the best ways to expand your living space.

If you have a home office, and you want to make it more interesting and inviting, you can add some fun and funky bedroom ideas to your decorating. Instead of using a plain desk with drawers and shelves, go with a coffee table with mirrored surfaces, and some funky lighting. Add an end table, and maybe a bookcase for additional storage. You could also make use of a headboard as the center table in your bedroom, and place other decorative items around the bedroom. You could even choose to decorate the bedroom with your own personal colors and theme, and then highlight that with a beautiful bed and a matching headboard.

Final Words 

Bedroom decorating is all about finding your individual style and making changes to your room to reflect that image. You do not have to follow the same rules as you might when decorating a larger room. Remember, it is your space, so you can do whatever you like. Make your bedroom feel bigger by using funky colors and a unique style, and then highlight that with furniture and decorating accessories. By making small spaces feel bigger, you are actually creating more space for your individual freedom and creativeness!

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