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Types of Architectural Design And Their Origin

Architectural Design And Their Origin

Have you ever thought that the house you are looking at is whether are architectural design-build in vintage style or medievalistic style?

The architecture of the house defines the structure and make of the building. There are several architecture histories has gifted us. Some of them cease to make, and some have evolved with time. New house owners like to build their house with their preference for structure. However, you can explore the options and try out new architectural designs for your new home.

Victorian Architectural Design

These dollhouses build in the mid 19th Century. The main features of these buildings are multi-story buildings, asymmetric shape, and steep slanting roofs. These houses are not anymore. But many hotel business and spa villages are making these style of buildings to give them a vintage look.

Spanish Architecture Design

Spanish architecture reflects the country culture in the house buildings. With the reflection of their culture and Jewish mindset, the houses are built with essential elements like muds, bricks, and white color paints. The apartments make in community structure so that a large number of people can live under one roof.

Architectural Design And Their Origin
Architectural Design And Their Origin

Southern Architectural design

Southern architecture also knows as pre-war structures design with neo-classical designs of homes. The houses built with heightened entrances and massive doors. The front of the house looks enormous and royal — most of the modern American houses made with these designs.

American Traditional

The American houses with traditional architectural design have huge impact driveway — the house entrance design with massive pillars and windows. The apartments are full but a single floor. So the floor plans are made by the American style.

Tudor Architectural Design

Tudor architecture classifies as medieval architecture during the period of the 1500s. The Tudor style of houses made of timber woods and bricks. The house has stoop roofs with pointed windows and large glasses. These houses are a perfect example of a renaissance time of architecture. Also, the front entrance of the house is usually ornated with the fountains and stucco.

Traditional Tuscan

The traditional architecture of Tuscan is famous for its style and space designing. The house design is very famous for their rustic looks and conventional styling of windows and doors — the style of the house of several pointed roofs and small windows — also, the house perimeter ornaments with pebble stones and plantation.

Colonial Houses

Colonial house architecture first builds in the 1600s with the viewpoint of accommodating a more significant number of people in the building. The houses and buildings made of this style have many windows and rooms for safe accommodations. In early 18h Century, most of the Democrats’ homes were in alignment with Colonial styles.

Architectural Design And Their Origin
Architectural Design And Their Origin

Country Cottages

Country cottages are the architectural style of the 1910s. The houses are make with simple front view and modest size. These days many vacation homes and family homes in the urban areas design with the country home structure. The house has adorned a garden in the front and open porch which covers the front and sides of the house.

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