How to Create a Beach House Interior Design -

How to Create a Beach House Interior Design

beach house interior design

Beach house interior designs are often not too different from that of your standard contemporary design style that you may use in your own home. These styles tend to feature neutral colors that mimic white sands and blue waters, although the beach house interior design styles in your own house may include seashells, surf boards, and other unique accessories that help make you think of your favorite vacation spot. When you decide to decorate your beach home, be sure to also take into consideration the unique aspects of your family’s beach house vacation home – such as wallpaper and upholstery – as well as the unique architecture and materials used throughout the home. With this in mind, you will be able to achieve an interior design style that truly captures the feel of your unique beach house vacation home.

An Overview

A bedroom with a large bed in a hotel room

When it comes to the design elements of your beach house, the first thing you need to focus on is the flooring. This includes tiled or vinyl flooring, pavers, bricks, tiles, sand, gravel, and stones. Once you have selected a beach house interior design style that best matches your beach house, you will want to complement this with the colors you choose for the floors and walls of your living room. You can create a warm and inviting environment in your living room by choosing warm and soft pastel colors like creams and beiges, or you can go with a bold contrast like reds or yellows. You may even want to add sea shells to this room, if you wish.

Better Walls

A living room

Walls also play a crucial role in helping you achieve the desired look for your beach house interior design. If you are striving for a seaside and tropical feel in this room, then opt for colors that are closer to the color of sand or sea water, or you can choose a wallpaper that features waves instead of sunflowers. You can choose a wallpaper in a color such as turquoise to help you create a modern coastal interior design idea. The beach house walls you choose should be large enough to allow you to freely move around the area without having to worry about tripping over pieces of furniture or items laying on the floor. If you decide to use wooden decor, then this can also help you achieve the effect you are looking for.

Accent Pieces for a continuous look that is both charming and enticing, you can choose different accents throughout the space. These accents can be as simple as sea shells placed strategically around the house, or they can be more elaborate, such as wrought iron accents, wooden accents, or other exotic materials. Choose wall art that features shells, seashells, starfish, or other sea life to liven up the room. In keeping with the sea theme, opt for accessories with an oceanic feel. For example, you can choose accessories such as a plastic bucket that features a shell design, or you can choose shell shaped floor rugs for your kitchen area.

Better Items

The easiest ways to add subtle accents to your beach house interior is to use small, out of the way items. While these may not immediately jump out at you, by carefully selecting your accents, you will be able to blend them in with the other decor easily. For instance, you can use sea shells strategically placed throughout the room as your small accents. These shells can be displayed above an ocean-themed table or other area, or you can place them on a shelf or even in a large picture window to give you a soft, sandy look throughout your interior.

Beach House Flooring

When choosing the flooring for your beach house, you need to consider the texture and color of your flooring. For a completely seamless look, opt for smooth, ceramic tiles that will seamlessly glide across the floor. These tiles can also be highlighted by using a variety of small accents, such as driftwood and sea glass. If you prefer something a little different and would like to add a touch of individuality to your interior, try incorporating irregular sized chunks of driftwood along a shelf or other small accent. Using large, irregular pieces of wood will create a unique look that will help to tie your interior together.

Color Palettes Beach

House interiors can easily be furnished with a plethora of vibrant colors. However, you do need to keep in mind the tones that will work best with your beach theme decor. For a neutral atmosphere, use warm colors such as coral and orange, while keeping cooler colors like yellow and green to set the tone for your space. For a more tropical look, use yellows, blues and violets along with deeper colors such as deep pinks or aqua. By complementing your colors with subtle seaside accents such as seashells or driftwood, you will have the perfect look for your space.


Sand Boxes Beach houses are often furnished with large, open floor plans. It can be easy to get caught up in using bright and vibrant colors to cover every inch of your room, so keep things simple by keeping things visually appealing yet simplistic at the same time. With the right accessories and a few sand boxes, you can give your room a casual vibe while maintaining an elegant air. Accent your sand box with candles, plant hoses and more, and you will have the perfect place to just relax and enjoy the sun.

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