Ideas to Design your Own Tiny House -

Ideas to Design your Own Tiny House

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A small house can be appealing, charming, comfortable and easy to maintain. It can be convenient too provided you have choose the right interior home design ideas. There are various tricks and tips to maximize your area and storage space, so that  you do not find any hassle in living in a small house. Here are some amazing interior home design ideas.

Small Home Design Ideas

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The basic clue for a small house design is to try and fit everything into the small space so that the residents do not feel deprived of anything. The challenge lies in fitting in everything you may need in house and also making it look cute. Here are some tips.

Shrink the Dining Table

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A dining table is a must in every house. The basic cue to having a dining table in a large house is to have a small one. You can go in for a comfortable coffee table that can serve as your dining table. Ensure that you get pretty and comfortable chairs on which you can relax comfortably and have  your meals.

Get Pocket Doors

Pocket doors have a glass partition in the top that allow light infiltration. This makes your house look bigger, more airy and will have plenty of light. Also, go in for sliding doors so that you can use them only when needed. When not needed, slide them back into their wall and give your house a bigger feel.

Sofa Cum Beds

This is an excellent idea for small houses. Getting sofa cum beds that can be used as sofa sets in the daytime and beds during night time save plenty of space. They also make your house appear larger in the daytime when you do not need beds.

Wall-Mounting TVs

This is an interesting option for small houses when you do not have enough space to build TV cabinets. These wall-mounting TVs do not take any space on the floor and also give the appearance of a larger areas.

Double Duty

Get furniture pieces that can work in double duty. For example, get a coffee table that can serve as a work desk and a dining table. This will save space and enable you to have both the kind of utilities at home. Also, you can get space-saving ottomans, that double up as side tables and store boxes where you can store your shoes or other items. 


Installing mirrors on the walls as decorative units give the illusion of a larger space. These also make homes feel lighter, larger and airier. They also add a lot of personality to the house without taking up too much of space.

Neutral Accents

Another clever idea fr interior house design idea for small homes is to get neutral accents on the floor, walls or wall paper. Even-toned or neutral-hued spaces give the idea of a larger space and trick the brain into thinking that the space is quite big. If  you go in for complex prints or darker shades, your house might seem quite small.

Customize Storage

Get your storage customize when designing the house. This helps you create maximum storage space that makes living comfortable. For example, you can get wall units serving as cabinets, storage rooms under the stairs or storage box beds. These are some examples for customizing your storage space.

All these interior design house ideas for small homes help you create comfortable spaces in tiny spaces too. You will not feel deprived of a larger area if you design your small house well.

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