Modern House Design In The Philippines -

Modern House Design In The Philippines

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In considering the Philippines as a possible location for constructing a modern house, many visitors often wonder what types of house designs and features can be found in the Philippines. Modern house designs and features in the Philippines include everything from an open floor plan to a fully enclosed one. In addition, many Philippine houses are located in areas that feature stunning views of the beach, mountains, the ocean or the city lights. The choices for floor plans in the Philippines are almost unlimited, providing the house owner with a wide variety of design possibilities.

Various Ideas For Modern House Design

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For those looking for a modern house design, perhaps the most popular choice is that of a single storey home. Modern home designs floor plans in the Philippines often feature a simple single storey design, with only a few items on the first floor. This single storey home is ideal for the person who does not have much room to decorate, but still wants to be able to move freely in their home. Single storey home designs also allow for great storage options and great views.

Another type of house design in the Philippines is that of a two storey home. Often called condominiums in the United States, two storey house designs are very popular in the Philippines. A two storey house design features a building that sits on two floors. Unlike a single storey house design, two storey house designs do not offer much in the way of living space, but do provide the opportunity for the home owner to enjoy a large amount of living space. Two storey house floor plans in the Philippines often have at least one level that is finished, allowing for a great feeling of openness and space.

One-Story House Design 

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Of course, some would rather have a one-story house design that offers more living space than they do a two-story floor plan. One story house designs do come in different designs, with some being extremely simple with just a single level. Other more complex one-story designs have two levels, as well as an attic or second level that contains multiple levels of living space.

Another type of house design that is growing in popularity is the small house designs. These are home plans that are much smaller than the others and are often considered to be second homes on the same property. The benefit of these small home plans is that they can fit into more areas, allowing them to be used as a permanent residence or a temporary holiday spot. While there are some areas that require larger home plans, many of the Philippine cities actually allow for small house designs because the streets and properties do not have the necessary width or length for larger home plans.

Studio Apartment Home Plan

The other option that many people prefer is a studio apartment home plan. This design is much smaller than the traditional home designs and has only a single level. This home design allows for the ability to have an extra bedroom, as well as a study, lounge and living room. It is perfect for people who are studying full time and want the ability to stay in the comfort of their home during the off hours. Many of the Philippine apartment complexes allow for the use of a studio apartment floor plan, as long as the construction is up to the required standards.

Try A Popular Choice

Architectural renderings are something that are becoming a popular choice when it comes to building home designs. When an architect presents their client with architectural renderings of the proposed project, many of them will take the lead in the actual design and development of the property. These are not set in stone and must be approved by the local government before it can go into full development. When looking at these renderings and other options, the client should keep in mind that the size and structure will depend on the actual needs and desires of the client. There are many different sizes, shapes and materials available when it comes to architectural renderings.


The Philippines offers a great selection of architects from whom one can choose to make their designs more efficient and productive. There are also numerous different ways that these designers can present their ideas to the local government, which allows the architects to get the financing that they need in order to complete their projects. When an individual looks at all of these options, the best possible option may be to hire a professional to oversee the construction project from start to finish. With the proper planning, design and use of the most talented of architects, the overall effect can be the perfect home or other structure, in keeping with the owner’s wishes.

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