Simple Tiny House Design Ideas -

Simple Tiny House Design Ideas

simple tiny house design

This way, we can have all of the convenience of the small house on the land but still have the full benefits of a larger house. In this article, I’ll show you how to plan and build a simple tiny house. We’ll explore some of the many options open to you when you’re planning a small home. In the end, you’ll have a beautiful abode to call your own.

First, let’s begin with a simple tiny house design that will help you achieve your goal of a more compact, easy to manage, and cheaper place to live. To begin, consider the current design of a duplex. Many people rent out multiple rooms in a single building. A common practice is to use the duplex as a vacation home, perhaps splitting the cost between a couple of weekends as you’re on the road.


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This type of family vacation home allows each of you plenty of flexibility. You can keep separate bedrooms and bathrooms without having to concern yourself with the other person or their children. Because the home is so small, you’ll have plenty of room to accommodate all of your belongings. With small windows, you’ll have the ability to maintain privacy as needed. A more spacious home would cause a lot of noise, even if there were smaller windows.

Another benefit of choosing a design such as this is the energy efficiency of the tiny house. The fact is that these types of homes are very much more affordable than traditional small homes. Because they’re much less massive, you’ll find that they consume far less electricity than larger duplexes. If you’re concerned about saving money, you may wish to choose one of these houses for your permanent residence as it will most likely be considerably more cost effective in the long run.

Large Windows

A large brick building with a sunset in the background

Simple Tiny House Design Ideas Because there aren’t many large windows, you won’t be letting a lot of sunlight into your home. To combat this, you’ll want to choose a tiny house design that utilizes large windows for letting in plenty of light. This can be achieved by painting each wall a different color, adding a pattern or both. Another solution is to add large wooden shutters to the outside of the home.

If you wish for a more rustic look, you might consider opting for a simple house design that is painted in a neutral color of wood. This might be completed by adding southwestern touches such as a rustic looking paint color, small wooden shutters or cactus accents. Western colors tend to look best when painted on the walls, but you could also choose a color that works well with any decor. You can even paint each wall a different color to give your walls some variation. Adding a small rustic lantern in the center of the room would be an easy way to accessorize and complete this southwest inspired look. There are many other ideas you can use to make this tiny house design look complete.

Southwest Inspired Homes

Southwest inspired homes are becoming more popular, so it shouldn’t be too difficult to find a tiny home that fits your needs. Just be sure that you take the time to consider how much space you need and how much personality you would like to add to the walls. It’s also a good idea to think about whether you would like a rustic look or something a bit more modern.

Many tiny homes are being designed as an apartment with just enough space for a bedroom and maybe a small kitchen area. The more modern designs have additional bedrooms that can be customized with floor plans and more.

Final Words

There are many websites on the Internet that feature tiny living spaces. These homes aren’t just for people living in a small box on the ground floor of some apartment, but for people who want to live in and make their own statement in their community. With a little planning and a willingness to do a little research, anyone can find a beautiful place to call their own. To live tiny is to truly live for yourself.

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