Simple Yet Sophisticated Room Design Ideas That You Can Try


Who doesn’t like to have a beautiful house, irrespective of the location and how big or small it is. We often get fascinated when we see beautifully decorated living rooms or any other room in that matter. Guess, what? Now, even you can have a great looking house by following these simple tips and tricks. Here are some of the Simple Yet Sophisticated Room Design Ideas.

Simple Yet Sophisticated Room Design Ideas That You Can Try
Simple Yet Sophisticated Room Design Ideas That You Can Try

Wall Color

No matter whatever the type of house you stay in, the chances are you will want to decorate the space. But before you start buying furniture for your room, don’t forget the most important element that is your walls.

So, you have to be extra careful about choosing the right color palette for your room. Be it a living room, bedroom, or even kitchen. Choosing the right color is one of the key factors that decide the whole look of the room. And trust me, It is not an easy task. If you choose light and pastel shades for your room, team it up dark color furniture.

It will break the monotony and some pop of color. Also, remember the color of the walls greatly influence the mood. For example, a dark intense blue will give you more of the royal feeling whereas a nude shade will give you a serene feeling. 


Wallpapers are very much in trend today. You find different types of wallpaper like floral, abstract, stripes, lines. 3D wallpapers are a treat to the eye. They look extremely beautiful on the walls. It adds a whole new look to your room. Also, it is a good idea for those having old walls in the room. And if you want to hide any flaws that are visible on your wall. Another great option that is available today is the textured walls. They are also good options for room design.

Wall Of Photo Frames: One Of The Room Design ideas

A wall of Photo frames is something that will turn your house into a home. Add beautiful photographs of your loved ones and put them together on one wall. You can select some unique antique frames for these photographs or even colorful ones will also work

Simplicity Is The Key: One Of The Room Design ideas

Lastly, always remember to keep things simple. Be it the furniture you choose or other decor items, curtains, showpieces, should be simple yet elegant. Try to use beautiful curtains with color contrasting with the furniture and wall color. Indoor plants are also a great option. It will keep your room cool and give you a natural feeling.

A Statement Wall

Simple Yet Sophisticated Room Design Ideas That You Can Try
Simple Yet Sophisticated Room Design Ideas That You Can Try

A wall that can speak on its own! A statement wall can be the showstopper of the room. But remember, it has to be super creative and should attract people’s attention at the very first glance. It can be anything from a big sketch or painting, to a creative wallpaper, geometric or floral patterns, some drawing on the wall or even wood panels would also do the job.