Small House Plans – Tricks To Make Your Small House Look Spacious


Many people nowadays go for small house plans as they are perfect for a small family and are affordable too. These houses can be designed beautifully even if they are small. With modern designs, you can get the look of luxurious and beautiful houses. However, there are some tricks to enhance the look of your small house to make it look big and spacious.

Wall Desk Will Be Perfect For Your Small House Plans

Small House Plans - Tricks To Make Your Small House Look Spacious
Small House Plans – Tricks To Make Your Small House Look Spacious

If you are going for the small house plans, you should be creative with the usage of the limited space in the house. Desk in the room is important for studying and doing official work at home but takes a lot of space. You can cut the amount of space into half by installing a wall desk in your house. Try using vertical space as much as possible for storing the other items and décor pieces. Try to go for the various shelves on the wall above the desk. Use small plant pots on the shelves to make your room more appealing and fresh.

Neutral Colors Are Ideal For Small House Plans

Many people go for darker shades in their small house plans which make it look more compact just like a matchbox. To widen up and get the illusion of a bigger space, you should always go for lighter shades. The neutral shades are the key to get the look of a spacious room. Try to choose a single color throughout the house as this will make it look classy. Many people go for the beige colors in their small houses as this color is very trending nowadays.

Mirrors For An Airy Look

This is a famous trick to make your space big and airy. If you are having neutral shades in your small house plans, go for the statement mirrors that have a golden frame with fine art on it. This will provide your house with a royal look. Go for 3 to 4 statement mirrors in the entire house. You can also use the mirror wall hanging in the living room to enhance the overall look. If you have peal white walls in your house, you can go for silver frames too.

Curtains Are Better Than Sliders

Small House Plans - Tricks To Make Your Small House Look Spacious
Small House Plans – Tricks To Make Your Small House Look Spacious

Sliders and doors take more space while partitioning the two rooms. You can avoid these bulky sliders and go for light material curtains for partition. Since open space is very much in trend nowadays thus it will perfectly suit your small house plans. You can create optical illusions through patterns on the curtain-like horizontal patterns and strips provide a wider illusion making space look big. If you don’t want to go for patterns, you can go for lightweight curtains for the same purpose. Choose lighter shades like white, pastel colors, etc.

Multifunctional Furniture

Installing multifunctional furniture is the key to master the small house plans. They are very essential items which save a lot of space in your house. You can go for a sliding bed and take the bed out when you need it. You can use multifunctional stairs for storing daily household items as it provides you enough space. Choose the dining table which is adjustable so that when the guests come for dinner you can open it wider and when you are using it the size remains compact saving precious space.