Some Famous Interior Design Styles

interior design style

If you are looking at how to design your house, you would have to stumble upon different interior design styles. We all want our house to look different and unique. Interior designs have been popular for centuries, and thus we can see so many styles in them. From traditional to contemporary to modern, there are several styles of them. If you are planning to design your home, then you must consider studying these different styles.

Modern Interior Design Style

Interior Design

It consists of simple and clean color schemes. Further, it uses steel and glass. This style has a welcoming feature. 

Black and white are the prominent colors that you will find in this style. Rest it also includes red and some dull blue. Under this style, the main focus is on the functionality of the features and not the form.

Contemporary Style

Interior Design

It is a style that suits every room of the house. Also, a contemporary kitchen looks so functional and vibrant. It is a perfect place for the family to sit, have food together and make some conversations. 

Further, this style uses a lot of natural lights and has an open floor plan. In addition to this, they use eco-friendly or recycled material. The selection of colors is neutral. The main feature of this style is that it blends several styles in one without more emphasis on each style. It has a perfect balance of all the styles.

Art Moderne Style

This style is for all of those people who like bigger, bolder, and brassier stuff. It includes a lot of artwork. Usually, that is huge. 

Minimalist Interior

This style came from Australia and is still popular among the masses. It includes simple furnishing, a neutral color palette, and functional accessories. Everything is minimal, and there is no excess of anything in this style. 

Shabby Chic Style

The Shabby Chic Style consists of laid-back vibes, light lighting fixtures, antique-touch furniture, and a vintage-inspired charm. Though it got its inspiration from modern designs, it has some contemporary design elements too in it. 

Electric Style

It is all about picking inspiration from a wide range of resources. Further, it brings together contrasting elements, colors, textures and gives you a unique feel. People who prefer bold decor often go for this kind of style. 

The basic idea of this style is to use different styles from history and create something unique and beautiful. It involves a lot of creativity. 

The walls are usually kept simple with a lot of space to keep accessories. Further, combinations of light and dark colors are used to give a vibrant and electric feel.


Several design styles are available. Therefore, it is up to you to choose what style best suits your needs. Further, you can combine elements of several design styles and create a unique design for yourself. However, before you decide, ensure to research more profoundly in this field and choose the best option for you. 

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