5 Best Tiny House Interior Design

tiny house

Living in a small house feel blissful at times. Everything is a hop, skip and jump and easy to access. Tiny houses are also easy to maintain. The only problem with tiny houses is to fit everything and make enough storage. Here we have listed some easy tiny house interior design ideas that can make your house look sufficient, ample, and enough. We will help you get the maximum out of your tiny house so that you can live comfortably and store all your belongings easily.

tiny house interior design
Tiny house interior design

Tiny House Interior Design

Shrink Your Dining Table

This is a clever solution to having it all and yet managing to fit everything well. A small house calls for small furniture and this holds true for a dining table too. You can even get a small, round coffee table that could serve as your dining table.

Be Resourceful

When space is less, you cannot shop for anything and everything that appeals to you. Bulky furniture is a big no, regardless of how beautiful it may seem to you. Another major tip and trick for tiny house storage ideas is to make every piece of furniture useful in more ways than one. You can use a chair as a side table and save wall space by installing scones. This is a clever solution and this way, you can always empty the chair and give it to your guests when they come.

Opt for Pocket Doors

Try creating an image of a larger space by installing maximum light-colored furniture and glass. One such example is by using pocket doors. These allow light to flow throughout the space and also helps in creating separation. These can slide back into the wall when not needed. Swinging solid doors take up too much space and also make the space look small when they are shut.

tiny house decor and design
Tiny house decor and design

Use a Day Bed

A day sofa cum bed is a very smart storage idea for a tiny house. But if you do not like to keep making your sofa into a bed every night, then you can install a proper bed in your bedroom and use your bed as regular seating. But if you really do not mind a sofa cum bed, then having one in a tiny house is a great idea. You will marvel at the way your bedroom doubles up during the day.

Mount Your TV

Opt for wall-mountable TV as a tv cabinet would take up unnecessary walking space in your house. Having a media console in your house can occupy too much space and become absolutely unnecessary. You can mount your TV on a wall that is easily viewable from your sofa. It is also a great idea to mount it over your fireplace as this will save floor space too.

Do Double Duty

The key to Tiny House Interior Design is to get accessories and furniture that do double duty. Find pieces that can serve multiple purposes. For example, you can get a table that can also be used as a writing desk and a dining table. Similarly, a sofa that can turn into a bed at night, space-saving ottomans that serve as sitting as well as storage bins.  This way, you can get a lot of furniture that can be used in many ways.

These are some smart storage ideas for tiny houses. You need to plan your tiny house interior design in such a way that it looks well accomplished and at ease with such furniture.

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