The Right Home Plan: Tips for Newbies

How To Find Original Home Plans For New House

If you are new owners of the house and need the original home plan for the renovation, then you should know the place to look. A home plan is an easy way to plan your renovation.

Here is a step by step guide to procuring original home plan for your new house.

How To Find Original Home Plans For New House?
How To Find Original Home Plans For New House?

Home Plan Step 1

Contact the seller or the realtor from whom you bought the house. They have information about the area and homes built in 50 years. They will give you address and knowledge of the office from where you can get the original blueprints of the house. In most of the cases, realtor gives the plans of the house along with the possession of the house. But if you have not got it, you can call the office for the same.

Home Plans Step 2

If you are living in an apartment, you will need a home plan for it. You can contact your building inspector. The builders are supposed to submit their building plans for getting a license. Hence these have floor plans and elevation drawings in the file. They are not supposed to give you originals in any case. So you can retain the copies of the pictures and submit them to your architecture.

Home Plans Step 3

Contact your city office. They keep archives of buildings, houses, and schools built in the city. They also have photographs and maps of the buildings. Contact them for an appointment.

Home Plan Step 4

The office will ask you the reason for visiting and the information you need. The maps, plans, and photos of the buildings are available in the archival section of the office. You need to fill out the form for this purpose. Submit the necessary documents like your ID proofs and social security number.

How To Find Original Home Plans For New House?
How To Find Original Home Plans For New House?

Home Plans Step 5

The officer will look into the request. Generally, the generation of claim is done on the spot. They check their database for the requested home plan and will inform you of the date and time of appointment. You can request the home plan of the house you need along with the maps and structure drawings.

Home Plan Step 6

Contact your architect about the data he needs for the renovations. Home plan drawings contain several facts about the house building like built-up area, sewage drawings, and foundation drawings. These files are huge. You can ask your architect as what data you exactly need to retrieve.

Home Plans Step 7

If the public records do not have the original blueprints of the house, you can look into the names and address of the earlier homeowners. You can contact them and ask where they have unique designs.

Home Plans Step 8

You can also do some research about the builder who built the house. And use the public records to find the office or home of the original builder of the house. Many old advertisements for the house on sale help in this information. You can also contact the company to whom the house was sold initially.

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