Types of House Designs With Architectural History

Types of House Designs With Architectural History

Different people like different house styles. It all depends upon personal taste and preference. The house designs are a vital part of house planning, and it gives structure and shape to your dream house. Also, there are many types of house designs which reflect the history of architecture. The type design of home largely depends upon two factors-

  • Build type
  • Structure type

Nowadays, people are following only one type of house design, i.e., modern style. But you can check out samples of plans for your home from the following list.

Types Of House Designs

Types of House Designs With Architectural History
Types of House Designs With Architectural History

House Design – Beach/ Seaside House

Beach house is generally made by the people living new sea or high tide areas. These houses are slightly elevated to avoid spillage of sea waters. The wide driveways, eclectic porches, and oceanfront make this house look beautiful. Also, the design of these houses is made for humid climates.

House Designs – Bungalow/ Cottages

Bungalows are English style, which was design and made in India. The house has several verandahs, windows and slanting roofs with attics. The apartments are perfect for bog family, and they have the number of rooms. This house style has a building made of with stones and bricks for hot weather. Also, most of the southern California houses designs resemble Bungalow designs.

House Designs – Contemporary

The contemporary style of the house was first introduced in the 1960s-1970s which offer great structure to the house. The homemade in this design generally has large windows with concrete or metal grids. There is plenty of space for natural light to come inside. The large sliding doors and open area, make this house very spacious. Adorn the outer house part with plants and trees for natural fresh air.

House Design – Modern

The modern designs of houses first brought into notice after the Second World War. Then, the houses were made with minimal ornamentations. These designs were sleek and required lightly shaded color palates of furnishings. Large windows and wood covering the otter walls are typical designs of any modern house today.

House Designs – Shingles

This is the most popular house design in America, was first in trend in 1882. The house is made up of shakes or pieces of wood tiles. Also, North Americans use Redwood or Cedar for making their houses, and there are different shapes of homes available.

Types of House Designs With Architectural History
Types of House Designs With Architectural History


The eldest designs of the house include Abode Revival house designs. These houses have plans of organic substances like muds and bricks. The bricks are of different sizes and made locally by the peasants. Earlier abode houses were commonly live in by the local folks with the help of stones and mud which were locally made. Then bricks were introduced.

Craftsman Evolution

These types of houses were first built in the 1930s and were very popular among people living in urban areas. Even, the designs daunt fundamental American virtue of having a wide-open verandah, small staircase as the house has a basement and top floor attic room. You must have seen types of houses in most of the movies. Most of America has these kinds of homes. The simplicity of this design makes evolution in the history of architecture and revivals in handmade houses.

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