Wall Stickers Damage Walls?


When occasions come, people used to decorate their houses with flowers and wall stickers. No one thinks about the marks they leave in the walls after removing the labels. If you rent a hall, you have no reason to think about the scores, but when you decorate the walls of your house with wall stickers damage, you have to think of all the possibilities to remove the marks.

Wall Stickers Damage Walls?
Wall Stickers Damage Walls?

The answer to the question may be yes or might be no because it depends on the quality of the decals you used for decorating. Wall stickers can be a great decoration to change your living room look. However, do they damage the walls? This article has a brief discussion.

The Good And The Bad Wall Decals

You have to know about the wall sticker, and it is essential to know the kind of material the labels are printed on. In the fashion industry, companies use to decorate the walls with the cheapest materials, which you will never buy to decorate your home.

To make sure about the marks left on the walls, you have to know some following things stated below.

How Strong Is The Decal Glue?

Decal companies make stickers for indoor walls with mild glue comparing to the outdoor murals, which have strong permanent adhesive. While purchasing the labels from the market, ask the seller about quality like repositionable, temporary, low-tack, removable, or low-adhesive.

Wall Stickers Damage Walls?
Wall Stickers Damage Walls?

To make sure you can check the sticker with the seller because repositionable stickers are made from high-quality material and have a milder adhesive for straightforward removing. It can be more challenging to remove a sticker from the wall after a long time of use. Moreover, even if you stick the label with removable glue, it turns hard within a long period and becomes difficult to remove.

Material The Sticker Printed On?

Mostly there are mainly three categories of materials like paper, polyester, or PVC stickers are used for labels. Primarily, most of the companies used to make wall decals with PVC plastics, because they are soft and cheap to produce.

It is good to use flimsier decals, which can be easily removed from the walls without any mess. Repositionable sticker, are generally made from polyester and is suitable for curved and uneven surfaces because the material won’t stretch or bend when removed. But, PVC materials do not contain plasticizers to make the material soft. Moreover, when the stickers are thicker, it can be easily removable if the right glue is used.

Frame Spots

Frame spot occurs when a poster or sticker is attached in the wall for an extended period because the rest of the wall can get dirty or bleached by the sun. The area under the sticker remains the same as it was in the beginning. When you remove the label from the wall, it looks like left marks. For colored walls, it can be a significant problem, but for the white surfaces, it can be manageable. It will be better to remove the sticker from the wall before the rest of the wall gets discolor or dirty. Moreover, you can remove the decals after a year or two to avoid leaving a mark on the walls.